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Basic Critical Illness Insurance Plan

The Canadian health care system is very good, Government spending on health care has increased an average of 8% annually since 1975, yet the system is not perfect and not all care is free.

Did you know? There were over 800,000 Canadians waiting for medical procedures in 2010. Only 20% of drugs certified by Health Canada in 2008 had been approved by the provinces for reimbursement in 2009.

The Canadian Cancer Society (2010) states that of the 180,000 Canadians that are diagnosed with cancer each year approximately 60% will survive. The Heart and Stoke Foundation (2010) estimates that 70,000 Canadians will experience heart attacks each year with over 75% survival rate, while 50,000 strokes will occur each year yet 75% surviving with impairment and only 10% completely recovering.

The probability of survival from critical illness is extremely high, but the significant financial impact of the medical event can be financially devastating. Critical Illness Insurance provides immediate tax-free cash at a discount, so you can concentrate on a full recovery.

We are pleased to advise that Ong Financial Planning Services now offers basic critical illness insurance available through Manulife Financial*.

If you are looking for an affordable, simple solution to meet your needs for critical illness insurance, Manulife has the answer. Lifecheque® Basic offers critical illness protection at a low cost, and with a hassle-free application process.

Lifecheque® Basic is a simplified critical illness insurance plan that provides a one-time benefit upon a diagnosis of one of the five most common critical illness conditions: heart attack, stroke, cancer, aortic surgery and coronary bypass. The plan requires no underwriting or medical tests, only a signed declaration of good health. Exclusions and restrictions apply.

Click here to secure your essential critical illness insurance plan.


*~ Manulife Financial is one of the most dynamic and progressive financial services companies in the world. Incorporated in 1887, Manulife serves millions of customers in 19 countries and territories worldwide. Manulife is the largest life insurance company in Canada and one of the top five in the world. Manulife offers a wide range of plans and levels of coverage from which you can choose to insure yourself and your family against the unexpected.

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